About Us.

About Us

Rose Park Preschool is a Department for Education (DECD) funded preschool offering prior to school education. We are located on Hewitt Avenue adjacent to the Webb Street Reserve, which we utilise for additional outdoor play.

Children at Rose Park Preschool will have opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understandings relating to each of the learning outcome areas in the Early Years Learning Framework.

We provide a rich play based learning environment where children can work independently and/or in groups to solve problems, be creative, take risks, develop social skills, imagine, and broaden their understanding of the world around them.

The staff at Rose Park Preschool are very aware that the role parents play in their child’s learning journey is vital and we highly value parental contributions to our learning program.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The Rose Park Preschool logo was updated in 2017 after discussions with children, staff and families. The children were asked what it was they thought of when they thought about coming to preschool and the overwhelming response was the ‘swings’ and the ‘quails’.

When the staff were asked about what Rose Park Preschool means to them, the responses were community, growth, knowledge, green, trees, autumn leaves.

So together with the children’s and staff ideas and clever design by parent Alice Pennington a new logo was born. Our Governing Council also provided valuable input to the design until we had the perfect fit that reflected our preschool and the warmth we feel here as a community.

The tree signifies the tree of knowledge and constant growth. The falling leaves represent the environment at Rose Park and it’s beauty in autumn, but also as children grow and move on, we also get new children each year, like the growth of new leaves after the autumn leaves have fallen. The swing and the quails are what the children love most about the preschool, and the colours are warm and welcoming. Thank you to all our children, staff and families who were involved in the process!